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The knots you need and how to tie them

This wonderfully appealing and practical gift book features step-by-step instructions on how to tie over 50 knots and when and where to use them.

The beautiful two colour illustrations and clear instructions quickly teach you how to tie classic knots, such as the Reef Knot and Bowline, through to more specialist knots such as the Alpine Butterfly and the Taut Line Hitch. The knots are clearly organised for safe application across a range of activities including sailing, climbing, fishing, camping or for decoration. The useful introduction and reference section tells you all you need to know about knot work; including an explanation of the key terms, recommended techniques and a complexity rating for tying each knot.

So, if you want to make a rope ladder with your kids, sail the oceans, be safe climbing in the mountains or make a True Lovers knot then this book has every knot you should know how to tie, plus many more. The perfect gift for craftsmen and women alike and the adventurer in all of us. Featuring an exclusive foreword from Tim Treloar of TT Adventures, co-presenter of the BAFTA-winning Survival School with Bear Grylls.